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By Dale Heille, Entrepreneur, & Owner of Chanticlear Franchise System

Village Bank understands what I'm trying to do as a small businessman. Their values support the small business people and the small business people drive the community. My relationship with Village Bank and the ease of doing business with them has been a valuable part of the growth of my business.



What does FAMILY-BUILT mean to you?

I would rather do business with a family business because their values are similar to mine and their relationship in the communities is similar to my relationship with my community. I feel like they understand me more.


What does COMMUNITY-STRONG mean to you?

Community is everything. We can't do business without the people, our customers, supporting us. Without community we don't have a business. We are fortunate to be able to open up for business every day and be able to sell our goods and the people of our community are the ones that allow us to do that. Since I have gotten into business we have been driven to be a community business. We support the local athletics, parades, and fundraisers, anything that is happening in the community that we can give back to because in the end they are the ones making our business possible. Community is everything.


What do you value about COMMUNITY BANKING?

Village Bank's values are community, small business, and helping. Village Bank doesn't just help businesses, they help people in the community. Not everybody is a business person. Not everybody has money and has resources and so we want to help businesses, we want to help other people in our community, but we need to help the people that don't have the options that we have. And the fact that Village Bank's always supported the food shelf and things like that, that tells me that they care about everybody in the community, not just the people with money.

Dale Heille is the Owner of Chanticlear Franchise System and a valued member of the Village Bank community.

More about FAMILY-BUILT, COMMUNITY STRONG here: www.vb-fbcs.com 

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