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By John Mickman, Entrepreneur, Valued Customer, & Board Member

For entrepreneurs of small to medium-size businesses, you simply can't have a better partner than Village Bank. They understand what it takes to be successful in the community as a community business and as a community bank.



What does FAMILY-BUILT mean to you?

Family businesses are built by entrepreneurs who are all in. I know Don Kveton, the founder of Village Bank, and he is all in. He’ll do anything it takes to make sure the bank is achieving its mission and vision. I feel the same way about my business and our employees. I’ve always felt that our company is our people. We have multiple employees that are 20, 25, and 30-year veterans, and they are the best of the best. They have helped us build and grow our company to what I think is the finest greenhouse company in the Twin Cities, maybe the state of Minnesota, possibly the country, maybe the planet. We're really proud of what we've built.


What does COMMUNITY-STRONG mean to you?

Community is about working together to support each other and make everyone stronger together. The leaders at Village Bank have helped connect me with other community leaders, which has helped my business grow. Then I can also help other businesses within our community grow. The more supportive we can be of the businesses and families that make up the community, regardless of the size, the more successful that community is going to be.


What do you value about COMMUNITY BANKING?

I'm all about community banks. I've been at big box banks and they're all about the numbers. When my ratios fell out of line, I started getting pressure from that banker, and I didn’t like it. A good community bank is more about character and making entrepreneurs’ vision and plans become reality. Even when a small business struggles, community banks will work with the business owner to get through those times.

The people at Village Bank feel like they’re part of a Village family and they truly care about what’s happening within the Village community. When you have a bank that is started and owned by a true entrepreneur, like Don Kveton, that sets the mood for the entire organization. Community banking is all about entrepreneurship and funding ideas to make them come to fruition.

John Mickman is the co-founder and CEO of Mickman Brothers in Ham Lake, MN and a valued member of the Village Bank community.

More about FAMILY-BUILT, COMMUNITY STRONG here: www.vb-fbcs.com 

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