Nikki Walker: Rising Bank Leader

Village Spotlight Series

News ICBA Nikki awardNikki Walker is truly a jack-of-all-trades and full-steam-ahead leader as she adapts and exceeds expectations in every role she plays both professionally for our Village and personally in her community. Because of her outstanding performance, Nikki was honored by Independent Community Bankers of America as a 40 Under 40 Emerging Bank Leader and by BankBeat as a Rising Star in Banking. These two awards recognize the nation’s up-and-coming community bank innovators and influencers who represent the future of the industry.

“We’re so proud of Nikki for being named to these impressive lists of community banking leaders,” Aleesha Webb, President and Vice Chairwoman of Village Bank said. “We have the opportunity to see her work shine every day and make a difference in the lives of customers we serve. We’re so pleased to see her receive the national recognition she deserves.”

In her 13-year tenure at Village Bank, Nikki has excelled in her roles as Data Processor, Operations Representative, Financial Analyst, Marketing Project Coordinator, Credit Analyst, SBA Portfolio Manager, and SBA Specialist. She has progressed through the ranks at Village Bank because she is always willing to take on challenges and acquire new skills. Nikki has taken every opportunity she has been presented with to have the ability to grow her career. Saying she is ambitious is an understatement.

Nikki has been monumental in leading and supporting the creation and development of Village Bank’s SBA department. In the first year, the SBA department grew by nearly $8 million, which put Village Bank in the top 20 community banks for SBA lending in Minnesota. In addition to growing the department, Nikki has led our SBA team in processing more than $65 million in SBA Paycheck Protection Program loans during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has tirelessly worked to serve the 300+ small businesses that will receive these loans because she is committed to saving these businesses and giving them hope in the difficult circumstances they are facing. Through some of the most trying times in her personal life, she has persevered to continue serving our Village and demonstrating her dedication to our team. Nikki has been an influential “Villager” at Village Bank, and her loyalty to the goals and vision of Village Bank is matched by few.

While exceeding expectations in her professional roles, she also appreciates and takes advantage of community service opportunities by volunteering countless hours to local organizations to make our community stronger. Nikki finds value in her ability to work in her community and improve her community through service.

Nikki is a passionate giver, and she is always looking to improve her surroundings, whether at work or in her community. By demonstrating leadership in her professional feats and contributing in a positive manner to her community, Nikki is an ambitious and motivated rising leader with a bright future in the banking industry.


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