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By Paul Fournier & Seri Johnson, Entrepreneurs & Valued Customers

Community is family and family is community. It feels good to work with people that feel the same way and are there for us every step of the way.



What does FAMILY-BUILT mean to you?

D. Brian’s is a family-built business with one local owner from day one. Now, 30 years later we’ve kept that same family culture even as we’ve grown to several locations. We work with our employees rather than them working for us. We think it’s really important for everyone to feel like they belong and communicate well. That feeling of teamwork is what comes to mind when thinking about “Family-Built.”

What does COMMUNITY-STRONG mean to you?

When we hear the words “Community Strong”, it means being more than just a business and being more than a place that opens at a certain time and closes at a certain time. It’s really obvious when people genuinely care about their communities and their customers. We want to give back to our communities as much as we can because that also boosts the family feeling that we are building in our business.

What do you value about COMMUNITY BANKING?

Community banking gave us the opportunity to really get to know who we were dealing with and allowed us to make a connection with a banker that ultimately led to a better business deal.

When we were looking to purchase three of the restaurant locations, we tried four or five other banks that just didn’t feel like a good fit. Then, we were introduced to Tom Domiano, a Village Bank Commercial Banker, and right away it was just a great fit. Don Kveton also took the time to have lunch with us and the rest of the Village Bank team, which we thought was just amazing. What bank owner would actually come and have lunch at your restaurant? We were really impressed and thought that it was really cool. We’ve never felt like we made a mistake by choosing to work with a community bank.

Paul Fournier and Seri Johnson are co-owners of D. Brian’s all-natural deli and catering and valued members of the Village Bank community.

More about FAMILY-BUILT, COMMUNITY STRONG here: www.vb-fbcs.com 

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