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In this episode of the #ItTakesaVillage podcast, we’re talking to Mark Addicks, CEO of Manova Summit, Chair of the Marketing Innovation department at the University of St. Thomas, former Chief Marketing Officer for General Mills, and overall marketing and business building expert. From his perspective as a marketer, a CEO, an investor, and a creator, Mark shares what it takes to leverage the full richness of marketing fundamentals to continue building your business and looking for opportunities in adversity.

Here are the questions we covered:

  1. Big picture, how can businesses continue to pivot and evolve to leverage the opportunities in a time like this?
  2. What do we know that we can count on to help our businesses move forward into so much unknown?
  3. What are the marketing and branding basics that you go back to?
  4. How do you use marketing to build brand loyalty but not overwhelm your customers?
  5. Can you talk about how a business model change process is going to happen with technology?
  6. How can I be respectful of people’s decision to wait to buy, but still build consumer confidence?


Here are 10 key points to take from this episode:

  1. Looking for opportunity during this time is critical for positive momentum
  2. Consumers are quickly adapting and adopting
  3. Marketing is about finding and serving markets and listening
  4. Deliver something unique and different on a dimension that matters to the customer
  5. Marketing is easy to understand but very difficult to execute
  6. Describe the marketplace and the brand champion
  7. Answer: What is it? What does it do? What does it do for me? What can we do together?
  8. Think through: What is the value of my offering? How do I bring the same value in a different business model? What is the new business model?
  9. Selling message should start with empathy and education
  10. Figure out why your offering is good for the customer



Get in touch with Mark by connecting on LINKEDIN.

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