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Know Your Numbers

In this episode of the #ItTakesaVillage podcast, we’re talking to John Dierkhising, Co-Owner of Bottom Line Accounting in Blaine, MN, about how your business numbers can tell a story that lead you to make smart business decisions. If you’re in recovery mode or you’re ready to seize an opportunity for growth, his advice is to know your numbers.

Here are the questions we covered:

  1. As business owners are executing a pivot plan and strategizing what the rest of 2020 looks like, what financial statements and indicators are important to pay attention to?
  2. What would you recommend to business owners to reorganize financials and remain organized?
  3. What numbers are banks going to be looking at in the upcoming 6-12 months for financing approvals?



Here are 10 key points to take from this episode:

  1. Look at working capital numbers to prepare for the remainder of 2020
  2. If you didn’t feel the impacts during Q1 & Q2 pay attention to your predictions for Q3 and Q4 because there could be an impact coming
  3. Watch the trends in your industry and determine how that will impact you
  4. Share confidence with your customers by educating them about the things you know
  5. Take time to look at your financial statements to keep a pulse on what’s happening and understand how your numbers affect your business
  6. Your numbers tell a very specific and reliable story
  7. Look for 50% gross profit, 30% operating expenses, 20% net income
  8. Community banks are looking at your cash flow and management strategy to approve financing
  9. You can’t sit still, you have to keep evolving
  10. Have a detailed numbers partner beside you so you can focus on your strengths as the business owner



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Get in touch with John and Bottomline Accounting Services by visiting the WEBSITE.

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