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Last year has taught us all a lot on how to pivot and refocus. Village Bank is seeking out every opportunity to make a positive impact in our community and help local businesses and entrepreneurs survive and thrive in 2021.


Village Bank wants to show entrepreneurs in our community that their dreams are still possible. Meeting with our community’s businesses helps our Villagers to understand their needs making their vision a reality.


Follow along as we share twenty-one entrepreneurial stories about how their businesses survived and now are thriving in hopes that these empower other entrepreneurs to take inspired action and pursue their goals.


You deserve a #STRONG21. We'll get you there.




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See how these Villagers are having a #STRONG21

Precise Products Corporation, #STRONG21
As an Aerospace parts manufacturer, Precise Products saw demand slow down drastically due to a lack of travel taking place. Employees started wondering about worst case scenarios. That’s when Robert Willers, CEO of Precise Products, Inc., turned to his trusted banker Tim Walker, SVP Commercial Banker...read more.

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Danner's Cabinet Shop, Inc. #STRONG21

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A. Johnson Plumbing #STRONG21 




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