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An Entrepreneurial Spark

A young entrepreneur driven to succeed in an obstacle filled world…defying the odds, Inthanome Chindavong has made a name for herself as a confident business owner who started her journey amidst a global pandemic.

Rather than putting her business ownership dream on pause in 2020, Inthanome saw an opportunity to take action while interest rates were especially advantageous. Inthanome saw her chance to purchase a business to call her own, something that could grow into the family legacy she had always dreamt of.

Inthanome’s dream of owning a business began when she and her family lived in Laos and became even stronger and more defined when she immigrated to the United States in 2006. As a wife, a mother, and a young business professional, Inthanome worked hard to create her very own American Dream. A dream that started as an entrepreneurial spark and has led her to owning a thriving family-run business.

Seeking Opportunity

Inthanome began looking high and low for a business with the perfect location and opportunity in a well-established market. She found just that within the amazing community established in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

However, before Inthanome could make her business ownership dream a reality, she needed to find a business to purchase at the right place and the right time, along with a financing partner to help finance her dream. Ideally, she wanted to establish a lending relationship with someone that understood her entrepreneurial drive, passion and acumen for business and opportunity.

Inthanome began her financing journey with a large well-known bank, however she did not check all of their “boxes” necessary to acquire a business loan. Most big banks wanted her to have more “business” experience. Fortunately, one of the banks Inthanome had been working with knew about Village Bank’s dedication to helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams and told the aspiring entrepreneur to discuss opportunities with a banker at Village Bank.

Right Place, Right Time

Village Bank received a message from another bank Inthanome had been seeking advice from noting that she was seeking assistance in acquiring an SBA 7a loan to purchase a liquor store in White Bear Lake. Instantly, Village Bank saw the new entrepreneur's dedication and motivation to accomplish each goal she had in mind for her future liquor store. Rather than looking primarily at Inthanome’s business experience, we looked deeper into her vast managerial experience at a local drug store and her dedication to her entrepreneurial dream.

The entrepreneur ultimately wanted to create a business that would turn into a legacy business for her family. As a minority business woman coming from a large household, she was influenced to create something that her entire family could take pride in. Inthanome believes that anything is possible if you have family backing you. With confidence on Inthanome's side, she felt that the next step was finding the perfect business to purchase.

After a long search for the ideal location, Inthanome and her banker finally landed on a right place, right time opportunity. Cellars Wine and Spirits was being sold, and was located in the prime region she had chosen --White Bear Lake, MN. With all of the pieces of the puzzle lining up, and with her financing defined, Inthanome was ready to begin her journey as a business owner.

The Village Difference for a #STRONG21

When Inthanome first met her banker, she felt that she had found a business partner. Beyond helping Inthanome find the perfect entrepreneurial opportunity, her banker walked Inthanome through the SBA 7a loan process. Overall, Village Bank made the loan process a simple one, and helped her beyond the capacity that most banks would.

Inthanome suggests that aspiring business owners should reach out for help and resources from a trusted advisor. For her, that was Village Bank. "I had to start somewhere. We feel Village Bank is going to be a good business partner because they aren't just a bank that wants to do business. They want to help us be successful," shared Inthanome.

Village Bank was dedicated to helping Inthanome succeed after seeing how determined she was to establish her business in 2020 so she could thrive in 2021. Village Bank used every resource we could think of to help her accomplish her business goals and achieve her dreams. Inthanome feels that she is backed by a bank that wants to see her succeed in business for a #STRONG21.

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