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From Survive To Thrive

Like many other business owners, Troy Danner, Owner and President of Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., experienced a business slowdown last year. He watched with apprehension as the pandemic first broke out. However, he knew that Danner’s Cabinet Shop would weather the storm and become stronger. The business would survive and thrive, and he had an idea of how to accomplish that.

Troy saw an opportunity to use equipment to free up his employees’ time for other needle moving opportunities. It was then that Troy called up his personal banker from Village Bank.

Leveling Up

Kraig Kliber, SVP Commercial Banker - Market Leader with Village Bank, could see the vision Troy was describing, and knew that he could bring this vision to life through Village Bank. Troy and Kraig discussed options and ended up finding a financing solution that would allow Troy to buy the equipment that he needed. The new equipment will fill hard-to-hire positions.

This financing solution wouldn’t have been possible without the personal relationship Troy has built with Kraig. Troy’s business is a three-generation family owned and operated business that he sees becoming a fourth-generation commitment in the future. Finding a bank that supports his business and his vision is very important to him because Danner’s Cabinet Shop is his children’s legacy.

Troy is passionate about his business. His passion started with building cabinets with his grandfather in Troy’s youth. That continuing family passion led to a successful business that was bursting at the seams. With this in mind, Troy decided to expand his showroom. He was looking for a trustworthy bank that could help him realize this growing vision. Troy’s accountant referred him to Village Bank, and he hasn’t looked back for five to six years.

Part of the Village

Troy Danner enjoys and values having a personal banker that allows him to ask all kinds of questions. “Well one thing that differentiates Village from other banks is I’ve got a personal banker. I’ve got somebody that I can reach out to when I have questions…that will get back to me and answer my questions. With other banks I haven’t had that experience in the past,” Troy Danner.

Kraig Kliber answers these questions honestly and finds answers to all of Troy’s questions. Troy finds that Kraig even suggests things that he hasn’t even thought of himself!

Set For a #STRONG21

With the help of Village Bank, Troy has been able to continue supporting his customers with the backing of his personal banker and the Village. The reason Troy is proud to be a Villager is because he knows Village Bank will be there for him when he needs the help most. His banker is invested in his success. Troy Danner enjoys being part of a bank that is ready to help him own it and build something special.

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Just like Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., you deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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