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Different than the Norm

Armed with a clear vision for creating a doggie daycare that was different than the norm, Jennifer, Owner of Deja's Doggie Camp, brought her vision to life in 2021! 

Deja's Doggie Camp is a spa-like boarder, grooming salon, and fun environment that dogs look forward to attending and owners are comfortable with their dogs staying. Jennifer, the woman entrepreneur behind the doggie resort, envisioned what the doggie camp would look like after 11 years working with animals through her pet grooming business, Precious Paws. However, she wanted experienced business partners in her court to accomplish such a venture. First, she needed a construction business to literally build the foundation Deja's Doggie Camp would thrive on. Second, Jennifer needed a business partner to help finance the construction.

A Lending Hand

With a financing relationship established in 2019 with Village Bank, Jennifer knew she was in good hands. When she walks into the bank, she knows everyone and everyone knows her. As a small business owner, it is important to her that the bank she partners with to also be a part of the community that she thrives in. Knowing that Village Bank is a true community bank, Jennifer reached out to the Bank for assistance deciding what business loan would align with her needs. The experienced entrepreneur knew that she could entrust her banker to act as the business partner that would bring her visions to life. Dana Kinde, SVP Commercial Banker, was ready to be the lending hand that Jennifer needed. 

After sketching out a plan for Deja's Doggie Camp, the pair discovered that an SBA 504 loan would be the right choice to accomplish all the goals that Jennifer had for a #STRONG21. "The community is excited. We have a different concept than a lot of other places in the North Suburbs. We wanted to build a spa-like experience where the dogs are excited to come," mentioned Jennifer. 

Jennifer and Dana had high hopes for the doggie daycare, but neither of them could have foreseen what a great business success the daycare would be right from the beginning. 

S21 Dejas PicReady for Growth

Almost immediately, Deja's Doggie Camp was at full capacity. Jennifer's unique approach to doggie daycare coupled with the influx of pandemic puppies needing care during the day created a perfect storm for a #STRONG21. While Jennifer was surprised by the amount of business that started pouring in the door, she couldn't have been happier. 

Dog owners know that Jennifer is always there for them and their dogs, and they have full confidence in placing their furry family members in her care. 

Hometown Banking Relationship

Jennifer feels that Dana has supported her with more than what is within the banker's job description. From guiding her selection of the perfect construction company for her building needs to assisting Jennifer in deciding what loan was her best choice, Dana was with Jennifer along the entire journey of opening Deja's Doggie Camp in Oak Grove, Minnesota.

"I started banking with Village in 2019. It's the best banking relationship I've had, and I know everyone at the bank. Dana helped me handpick the construction company I used, and she helped me navigate through a few tough pieces. She was with me through every step of the way. I couldn't ask for a better hometown experience," recognized Jennifer.

Set for a #STRONG21

Jennifer is happy knowing that Dana Kinde and Village Bank are behind her every step of the way. Banking is enjoyable and personable at a community bank like Village Bank. Being part of the Village means that the relationship you have with your banker is always put first. 

Having a solid and supportive banking partner has helped Jennifer and Deja's Doggie Camp have a #STRONG21, especially with the need for dog care skyrocketing with the adoption of pandemic puppies.

With the help of Village Bank, Jennifer's business is booming and ready to continue the trend for a #STRONG21. Connect with Jennifer for all your doggie day care and grooming needs. 

Just like Deja's Doggie Camp, you deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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