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A Lending Hand

Last year, during the pandemic, a local animal sanctuary faced a problem when their current location was no longer available. Farmaste Animal Sanctuary was forced to relocate and needed some assistance from a banking partner that could help them obtain an SBA loan.

However, it was important for Kelly Tope, Founder of Farmaste, to find assistance from a bank that truly understood their mission. After a board member suggested reaching out to Village Bank, the animal sanctuary found the help that they needed for a #STRONG21. 

The Building of the Sanctuary

Farmaste began with a heartfelt mission. After caring for her sick dog, Kelly discovered she had a passion for helping animals. Discovering that there are many dog and cat rescues, she instead became interested in founding an animal rescue that benefitted unwanted, abused, or surrendered farm animals. Doing in-depth research, Kelly visited one of the largest farm rescues in the US and instantly knew that opening her own rescue was in the cards for her. 

Beyond saving in need farm animals, Kelly discovered that her new sanctuary could help human beings as well. Volunteering at the sanctuary has helped community members suffering from mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. 

After great success in business, the non-for-profit experienced complications when their animals needed to be relocated to a new home. This relocation would require an SBA loan obtained through the help of a trusted banking partner. 

Home Sweet Home

When Dana Kinde, SVP Commercial Banker, and Nick Hammond, Portfolio Manager, heard of Farmaste's need, they instantly jumped to action. Visiting the sanctuary's location, they learned everything they could about their mission and their visions for the future. With Dana and Nick's help, Farmaste was able to receive SBA loan funds and begin building their new home. Kelly Tope believes that if Village Bank hadn't been behind them, they wouldn’t have been able to make the move to their new location. 

“Dana and Nick toured and visited us at Farmaste to find out what we were all about. That impressed me a lot. They learned our story and our passion. Honestly, if we didn’t have Village Bank behind us and helping us make this dream come true, we wouldn’t have been able to do this” mentioned Kelly.

Set For a #STRONG21

Kelly is happy that she found a banker truly understanding of her vision. With Village Bank, Farmaste has been able to expand and make way for more farm animals in need.

“Village Bank learned our story and actually understands our passion that we have for this and why we want to do this. Village is really doing a great thing in moving forward and working with organizations of all different sizes, all different types, and being able to take anything and move it forward to achieve that passion" remarked Kelly.

Knowing that the sanctuary's banker and community is behind them each step of the way has made Kelly sure of the future. Connect with Kelly to find out more about the animal sanctuary. 

Just like Farmaste, you deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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