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A Long History of Community Care

Goodrich Pharmacy has been serving the Anoka County community since 1884. Steve Simenson, Pharmacist and Managing Partner, and Stephanie Davis, Anoka Pharmacist in Charge and Partner Goodrich Pharmacies, are dedicated to keeping their community healthy. The exceptional service that this pharmacy provides has made it a go-to resource for residents seeking the best treatment possible.

Despite years of success and well-being, a challenge came in the form of COVID-19. From taking care of employees to serving community members with timely COVID-19 vaccinations, Goodrich Pharmacy remained focused on their mission. However, the health provider felt that they needed a bit of help during this trying time. They turned to an advisor that they could trust to help them have a #STRONG21 and provide that same experience to their customers. 

A Little Help for a #STRONG21

The quality of patient care that Goodrich Pharmacy provides differentiates the facility from competitors. Their motto is that if it's good for the patient, then it's good for Goodrich. As a community pharmacy, they truly care about patient outcomes and health. Steve Simenson and Stephanie Davis look for ways to get patients involved in their own care because providing a family feel is important to them and their team.

After years of tirelessly caring for their patients, the pharmacy needed a partner that could provide the same exceptional care for their employees. Chris Schroepfer, VP, Credit Administration, knew of the pharmacy's need for a PPP loan from a pharmacist that works at the Anoka location. This loan would be used to assist the pharmacy in keeping staff. The help and attentive service Village Bank provided during this period encouraged Goodrich Pharmacy to transfer all banking needs to the community bank. “Since our PPP loan, we have transferred all banking needs to Village Bank because the care we received mirrored the care we give to our customers. They look out for our financial needs while we take care of our customers” explained Stephanie Davis. 

Spreading a #STRONG21

After receiving such great assistance from Village Bank, Goodrich Pharmacy employees were able to help the Anoka County community become immunized once vaccines became available to community members. From helping community clinics to providing immunizations to customers, the pharmacy ensured community members received the care they needed for a #STRONG21. While many clinics distanced themselves from patients, Goodrich Pharmacy stepped in and made the community feel heard and cared for. Steve Simenson and Stephanie Davis did a phenomenal job of ensuring that community members received tailored care and improved health. 

STRONG21-Goodrich-Pharmacy-Content-PicLong-term Banking Relationship

Goodrich Pharmacy's experience with Village Bank began with a PPP loan. However, the partnership that both companies built has begun a long-term banking relationship. “Our relationship with Village Bank started when we were looking for a PPP loan. We knew other bankers in the area, but they frankly weren’t interested in our business. Village Bank was encouraging and helped us along our journey. They were constantly bending over backwards” mentioned Steve Simenson. 

Even better, Steve Simenson and Stephanie Davis have found both a friend and partner for future growth and success. "Our banker has now become a friend and business partner. The Village Bank team feels like they are a part of our community and family. They feel like they are trusted advisors" explained Steve Simenson. 

Chris Schroepfer proved to be a great asset for Goodrich Pharmacy's journey through the pandemic, and he has helped them survive and thrive to support the community when help was needed most. Steve Simenson appreciates his banker's support, openness, and honesty. The pharmacist and managing partner felt that Chris was interested in Goodrich Pharmacy's business and wanted to learn more about how he could assist. The VP, Credit Administration followed up and offered other services, making sure he knew what Goodrich Pharmacy needed for success.

Set For a #STRONG21

Steve and Stephanie are happy that they found a bank and banking partner that supports the success of not only their pharmacy but also the health of their community. While Goodrich Pharmacy takes care of patients, Village Bank takes care of Goodrich Pharmacy. Village Bank is proud to support such an integral business to the Anoka County and surrounding communities. 

Steve and Stephanie are thankful to be part of the Village. Connect with Steve and Stephanie for all your pharmaceutical needs. 

Just like Goodrich Pharmacy, you deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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