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What if inspired women within the metro could come together in one place to connect, work, and build? They can and do every day at ModernWell in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Julie Burton, an author, freelance writer, and fitness enthusiast founded ModernWell in 2018 for women to feel at ease using their passions and creativity when accomplishing personal and professional goals with great success. However, the co-working space soon hit a bump in the road with the start of the 2020 pandemic. The ModernWell founder knew that she would need a banking partner to help her survive and thrive for the future.

The Beginning of ModernWell

After working from home as a freelance writer while raising her children for quite some time, Julie became attuned to how isolated she had begun to feel. She came to realize that other creative entrepreneurs mothering their children likely felt the same as she did. A solution was needed to help these women overcome their struggles.

This result came in the form of ModernWell, founded as a collaborative space where women could gather and meet to connect with others and themselves. Beautiful and inspiring, the space is a dream come true for entrepreneurs seeking motivation. Next, Julie knew she needed to find a banking partner that would help take her business to the next level.

S21 MW PicA Collaborative Banking Relationship

Julie Burton met Aleesha Webb, President and Vice Chair of Village Bank, back in 2016 after Aleesha had read Julie's book, The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother's Must-Have Guide to Health and Well-Being. After learning about ModernWell's purpose, Aleesha became a champion for Julie's vision. Seeing the value and need for such a creative and inspiring space, Aleesha wanted to be a part of making this unique co-working environment a success and be a banking partner for its founder. 

Village Bank has helped Julie Burton feel confident about banking. Through two rounds of PPP, the Bank has aided ModernWell in the process of application and forgiveness. "I've been banking with Village Bank for about three years, and I met Aleesha through a mutual friend in 2016. Since day one, she has been a champion for ModernWell. Village Bank has been a great part of our growth and my confidence with banking. They were amazing through the PPP process and helped guide me through both rounds," gushed the founder of ModernWell.

The pandemic was a scary time for Modernwell as the business hadn't been open for very long at the onset of 2020. Aleesha and Village Bank rallied around ModernWell to help with numbers and paperwork. "It was a scary time for a business owner especially since we'd only been open since 2018. Village Bank not only helped me with the numbers and getting everything ready for the PPP loan, but they also listened to everything going on with my financials and gave me confidence. They made me feel like they were behind me in this time of fear and uncertainty," mentioned Julie Burton.

She feels that it is nice to have a personal relationship with your banker, and she is grateful that Aleesha is an advocate for ModernWell's success in 2021. Having a bank that listens to the problem areas she experiences has helped Julie have confidence in the survival of ModernWell for the future. Village Bank is a helping hand for their clients and will go above and beyond promoting their client's businesses because they want to see their success. 

Ready for a #STRONG21

Julie is feeling hopeful now that creatives are looking forward to gathering and connecting in person again. ModernWell memberships are increasing in number and entrepreneurs are excited to experience the spirit of creativity once again. As humans, we are wired for connection and this is driving more people to come into spaces like ModernWell again. 

According to the entrepreneur, this surge in traffic wouldn't have been possible without the PPP loans that Village Bank provided in their time of need. "I feel like it's really nice to have that personal relationship with a banker. That's the number one thing I appreciate about working with Village Bank is that personal connection," concluded Julie Burton.

It's important to have relationships that make you feel inspired and motivated even in banking relationships! Julie couldn't be happier that she found such a connection with Aleesha Webb and Village Bank. 

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Just like ModernWell, you deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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