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Last year, many business owners were struggling to find help from big banks. Large financial institutions were hesitant to provide loans to businesses that didn't "tick all of their boxes". Todd Rooker, owner of Rooker Financial Consulting, had seen this trend before. 

The financial consultant then looked to his relationship with Village Bank to help clients reach their goals and visions for a #STRONG21.

Aligned Thought Processes

Todd Rooker is a well known financial strategist and coach for business owners and individuals. He is passionate about not only helping people reach their financial goals but also realize their aspirations while on financial journeys. With over 25 years of experience behind him, Todd Rooker soon saw a few trends arising that were impeding clients from growing their businesses.

Without access to capital, many businesses struggle to scale. Some business owners believe that they can grow their companies organically alone, however, often financing is necessary to expand a business beyond a certain plateau. In addition, many business owners prefer accounting practices that are efficient at lowering tax liability but aren't great for securing loans through financial institutions. Both of these problem areas can be fixed by working with a bank and CPA that fully understand a business owner's goals and visions.

Arlyce Cleveland Ltd. is one such CPA that understands the balance between tax liability and loan qualification. After working with Arlyce Cleveland Ltd. for many years, Todd Rooker started referring his clients to the certified public accounting firm. He discovered that Arlyce Cleveland frequently referred her clients to Village Bank due to their dedication to serving entrepreneurs. In addition, Todd noticed that Village Bank customers truly built something special with their banking partner and wanted his own clients to experience a special banking relationship such as this. Quickly, the financial consultant began referring his own customers to Village Bank. "I did predominantly find out about Village Bank because of Arlyce Cleveland Ltd. I've worked with Arlyce for many years, and we've worked with many business owners that experience a limitation of access to capital. So, having a business like Village Bank that works with an individual rather than treating them like a number is invaluable to my clients," mentioned Todd Rooker. 

Village Bank truly understood his client's visions and goals and worked to help these visions become reality. The partnership between Village Bank and Todd Rooker has helped many entrepreneurs create something they never could have imagined. 

With the onset of the pandemic, the financial guru knew that he needed Village Bank's assistance to help his clients scale their businesses despite the tough times caused by the onset of the pandemic. 

S21 Rooker PicSurvive & Thrive

Many business owners have experienced a few obstacles in the past year-and-a-half. Village Bank stepped up to the plate when big banks weren't providing help to their communities when they needed it most. With PPP loan assistance and SBA financing options, Village Bank helped many entrepreneurs survive and thrive for a #STRONG21. 

Todd Rooker saw the impact that Village Bank was creating and felt inspired to bring Aleesha Webb, President of Village Bank, onto his radio show, Cover Your Assets. This partnership between two financial experts provides local businesses with the tools and insights they need to overcome financial obstacles and fuel their #STRONG21. "I feel fortunate to have a relationship with Village Bank and Aleesha Webb. We are helping people understand how financing and banking works. We provide valuable information on the radio show to help people grow their businesses possibly more than they had anticipated was possible," explained Todd Rooker. From helping businesses to know their numbers to informing owners of SBA financing options, Todd Rooker and Aleesha Webb answer business owner's burning questions the last Saturday of every month in 2021. 

Set For a #STRONG21

Beyond the radio show, Todd Rooker is a cheerleader for local Twin Cities entrepreneurs. He believes that 2020 was a blessing in disguise. While many businesses experienced challenges, they were "stress-tested" and came out stronger as a result. Many businesses learned that at times taking on tax liability can assist in acquiring a loan, and business owners also learned about what banks look for in loan candidates. With the help of Rooker Financial Consulting and Arlyce Cleveland Ltd. creating healthier financial profiles, business owners were able to obtain loans through Village Bank that grew their businesses.

Finding a CPA, bank, and financial consultant that are in alignment with your business goals is essential for scaling your business. Village Bank and Rooker Financial Consulting are here to help you have your best year, yet. 

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Just like Rooker Financial Consulting, you deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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