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Ready For a Challenge

Village Bank was founded by Don Kveton, CEO and Chairman of the Board, nearly thirty years ago. From the very beginning, Don built the bank on the principle that his Villagers would be there for the Village community when they needed help most. When the pandemic created challenges for businesses around the community, Don and Aleesha Webb, President and Vice Chair, knew that they would need to step up their game to help their Village and community members beat these obstacles. 

Family-Built, Community Strong

There is a common phrase that has stayed ingrained in Don Kveton's head for a long time. A banker is there when you don't need them but not there to help when you do need them. The reason this phrase is so prominent in his mind is because of a personal experience his family had with a banker when he was quite young. "During the 1950s and 60s, we experienced extreme droughts. It made our life on the farm even more challenging and stressful. Times were so tough that my father had to resort to buying hay out of state, which was very expensive. One day, a man in a suit came to our door and asked for my father. The man said his bank was going to take our farm unless we paid our bills. I’ll never forget what my father said to him -- 'You can’t take my farm. If you do, you’ll take my family.' I could hear the fear in my father’s voice—fear over where we would live and what we would do" explained Don. 

Never wanting his own Village and community members to feel the same helpless emotion as his father and self, he determined that one day he would open a bank that was family-built with a focus to assist their neighbors. After pioneering bank locations in Blaine, East Bethel, Ramsey, and St. Francis, Don and his daughter, Aleesha, have created a support system for local entrepreneurs and business owners, assisting them when they meet challenges. This dedication to community businesses has allowed Don and Aleesha to lead entrepreneurs to their #STRONG21. 

The Making of #STRONG21

When asked how Village Bank is able to stay focused on supporting local entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams, Aleesha explains that it comes down to the Bank's values: put relationships first, do the right thing, own it, earn it, and build something special. Through the mission of Village Bank, Villagers are constantly putting relationships first to help customers build something special and realize their dreams. Each business is a cornerstone of our community with a business owner supporting the foundation. By Villagers endeavoring to do the right thing, customers are always supported and feel like they can trust Villagers. Each Villager is on a mission to do the best they can by their community members, and commit to owning each task and earning business relationships. 

With these values in mind, local entrepreneurs have received much needed funds and support to make it through the pandemic. From PPP assistance to SBA loans helping to build or reinvent businesses, Villagers have lived and breathed the Village values in the past two years as they have always done. The #STRONG21 campaign captured the stories of local business owners surviving and thriving during these trying times with the help of Village Bank. Aleesha Webb has enjoyed seeing the impact that Village Bank has had on the families and businesses involved in these stories.

“During the photoshoots, we went out to meet clients, and these meetings have been the highlight of my week and day. Getting out of the office to see our Villagers and entrepreneurs allowed me to see the personal relationship our Village has with our team. You can tell these bankers understand their clients' stories. What the real struggles are that our clients face as their business changes. Seeing how Village Bank is able to come in with solutions for them is special. There’s nothing better than that. That’s why we do what we do every day" mentioned Aleesha.  

Part of the Village

The Village is where families grow and thrive. We help community members build businesses and create a legacy for themselves and their children. By supporting local businesses, Village Bank ensures that the future for our community member's children is bright and successful. We also ensure that people are able to bring their dreams to life by tailoring products and strategies to their visions. Each day, we put relationships first because everyone has potential. 

“Partnerships are important. You have to treat everyone equal. You have to give them a chance. Seeing all the businesses open around us inspires me. That’s somebody’s dream coming to life. At Village Bank, we just want to be part of it” remarked Don.

You Deserve a #STRONG21

Community banking means being there for the community beyond financial assistance and needs. Being part of the Village means that you are supported through the hard times and someone is cheering for you in the good times. Your Village is behind you each step of the way. When you need someone in your corner, connect with a banker for all your banking needs.

You deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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