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The Entrepreneur's Vision

An unwavering, self-made entrepreneur knew he could scale his business from his parent's backyard to a production facility for a #STRONG21. Zach Gust's next growth step was to find a banking partner vested in helping him acquire a building to jumpstart his business, ZanVos. 

At the age of five, the young entrepreneur started selling origami to his mom’s coworkers. He had entrepreneurial passion from the start. As time went on, Zach would sell crocheted hats, repaired cars, and eventually home décor. This lead the St. Francis, MN native to start his own metal home décor business, ZanVos, in his hometown. With determination in his back pocket, the business owner set his eyes on growth, meaning more machines and a new building for a #STRONG21.

The Beginning of It All

Starting from a machine he built himself in high school, Zach made metal home décor inspired by a wish to give his mom a unique gift for Mother's Day. When he posted the décor design on his social media, people noticed his talents and wanted a design for themselves. 

The ZanVos founder started producing products for his new business in his parent’s 15-square foot shed. Zach used this room to cut materials all through high school. Eventually, the machine he built in high school to produce his designs wasn’t enough. At this point, the business owner reached out to his bank for help financing lasers.

He was put into contact with Nick Hammond, Portfolio Manager. From there, Nick helped Zach acquire financing for multiple lasers. This quickly helped ZanVos scale and produce more product designs. "I've been a customer of Village Bank for a while. I was sending wires through them with Nick Hammond. One thing led to another with financing, and I bought my first laser. Once I got that laser in, we got very busy. I just kept getting more lasers. Village Bank was very easy to work with," remarked Zach. 

Product requests became too high for the narrow space that ZanVos had even with the help of his knew lasers. The determined entrepreneur knew that it was time to buy his own shop.

Ready for Growth

Nick Hammond put Zach in contact with Dana Kinde, SVP of Lending. From there,S21 Zan Vos Pic Dana assisted the St. Francis entrepreneur in buying a shop that would allow him to mass produce his products and designs.

Ultimately, the boost in space would set ZanVos up to meet high order demands and build a #STRONG21.

Part of a Village

Zach Gust noticed right away that Village Bank treated him far better than just a number. Quickly, he grew to feel that Nick Hammond and Dana Kinde were more like friends and business partners. In fact, when Zach needed a quick answer from Nick, he could text the portfolio manager with a question and receive an answer in a short span of time. If the owner of ZanVos needed something done, it was completed faster than his expectations.

Zach also noted that Dana was just as quick to give answers. He felt that Dana was dedicated to helping his business grow and never hesitated to help him with whatever obstacle he was facing. “Village Bank is super easy to work with. If I had a question, they answered it immediately. I have a friend-like relationship with them so if I need something done, it gets done right away.” This dedication to his company’s growth has the business owner sharing his plans to continue working with Village Bank as he expands his business.

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Just like ZanVos, you deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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