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Setting the Stage

Last year, Precise Products, Inc. saw a shift in business. As an Aerospace parts manufacturer, Precise Products saw demand slow down drastically due to a lack of travel taking place. Employees started wondering about worst case scenarios. That’s when Robert Willers, CEO of Precise Products, Inc., turned to his trusted banker Tim Walker, SVP Commercial Banker.

Relationship Banking With Village

Robert Willers has a long history of working with Aleesha Webb, President and Vice Chair of Village Bank, and in 2019 Robert began working with Tim Walker. Prior to knowing Aleesha, the Precise Products facility was far from full. With the backing of Village Bank, Aleesha, and Tim, the Precise Products building is now full and equipped with the technology needed to keep up with a growing industry like Aerospace Machining.

Robert is excited that Precise Products has the backing of a bank like Village Bank. Don Kveton, Owner and Founder of Village Bank, and Aleesha take real interest in the companies and employees that they support. In fact, Aleesha and Don have helped connect Robert with people that can help him solve various pain points within Precise Products. “We needed lumber and equipment contacts for our Ironton facility. Village and Don had customers up in northern Minnesota. Before I even contacted some of these customers, they said Don had already called them and they were expecting my call”. Village Bank has many resources that businesses are able to tap into.

Long-term relationships matter to Robert. He feels confident in his ability to grow Precise Products and support his employees with Village Bank behind him, offering a helping hand.

S21 Precise PicCommunity Banks Are Business Partners

During a time of great uncertainty across all industries, Robert knew that he could ask Tim any question without judgement. Robert had confidence that his banker would help weigh the lending options that would benefit his company, customers and employees best. For Precise Products, a combination of SBA loans had previously allowed the company to purchase new equipment.

With these accomplishments in the back of his mind, Robert felt confident he could discuss options with his banker when the pandemic hit.  Robert found that he received answers from his banker quickly regarding a PPP application. When Tim didn’t have the answers, he dug in to find the answers for Robert. This PPP loan assisted in keeping Precise Products' employees working and eased some of their fears for what the future would hold. Tim took care of the processing and made sure that the company would survive in 2020 and come to thrive in 2021.

Leveling Up In 2021

Travel needs are now ramping up in 2021. A demand increase has begun for Aerospace parts, and Precise Products, Inc. is gearing up to assist in this demand. Robert recognized this trend early and knew that higher demand meant Precise Products required inventory purchases.

In the past, Robert has grown frustrated with the methods of big banks. Other banks didn’t seem to know Precise. They were just a number. Robert appreciates that Village Bank knows who he is as soon as he contacts the Bank. Robert also likes that he can always get ahold of someone at Village Bank unlike the long wait times that big banks have.

Robert reached out to his banker to talk about financing the inventory purchases that he needed for a #STRONG21. The new purchases will allow Precise Products to grow and thrive in 2021 while meeting Aerospace parts demand for months to come.

Set For a #STRONG21

With the help of Village Bank, Robert is feeling confident that Precise Products will experience growth in 2021. Village Bank is a true business partner to Precise Products.

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