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A Safe Place for the Community

Larry Weinberg, Director of Rumriver Art Center, and Susan Yee, Community Director, founded Rumriver Art Center to be a safe place for Anoka County community members. They wanted to build a space where people could come together and create art without judgment. However, when COVID-19 hit, the art center needed a bit of help to keep their doors open for their community and Village. 

With a long-term banking relationship already established with Village Bank, Larry and Susan turned to their banking partners for help having a #STRONG21. 

Assistance From a Friend

Rumriver Art Center needed assistance through PPP funds to weather the pandemic. While Larry and Susan were hearing stories of business owners struggling to get PPP funds quickly, the business owners knew they could turn to Village Bank for agile aid. Larry soon was on the phone with Jeff Rosseau, VP Commercial Banker, discussing their options. That conversation created a quick turnaround, and Rumriver Art Center had PPP funds within one week. 

“I was looking for PPP assistance and started filling out applications. Jeff Rosseau spoke with me on the phone and explained the PPP process. With his help, we had our PPP funds within a week. It was that personal experience that made us fully aware that Village Bank would always take care of us” mentioned Larry. 

The Community Banking Difference

Larry and Susan already had personal accounts with Village Bank prior to the inception of Rumriver Art Center. Through their customer relationship, they quickly noticed that Village Bank cared deeply about their community as much as the art center did. Through their non-profit, Larry and Susan provide classes and support to community members through events like Free Family Art Day. With their dedication to community in mind, they wanted to work with a bank that had the same passion.

They appreciated that Village Bank took the time to participate and support community events. Even more, the business owners appreciated that Villagers knew who they were as soon as they walked in the door. “Supporting local is important to Rumriver Art Center. I know if I go to a larger bank, they wouldn’t know my name. When I go into Village, they do know my name. That makes a difference. They care” remarked Susan. 

After seeing what great care the Village gave to their community, Larry and Susan decided that they would open their business accounts with Village Bank as well. “We opened accounts with Village Bank when we first started Rumriver Art Center. We needed a bank account and right away knew we needed to talk with Village Bank. We are very comfortable with the Village” mentioned Larry. 

Set For a #STRONG21

With the help of Village Bank, Rumriver Art Center can continue having a great impact on the Anoka County community. With virtual and in-person classes happening frequently, Rumriver Art Center has continued to bloom. The assistance PPP provided allowed for the center to touch the lives of community members for years to come. Connect with Susan and Larry for all your art center needs.

Just like Rumriver Art Center, you deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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