Business Loans

Village Bank offers several types of business loans which always include excellent service, competitive rates, quick responses and experienced lenders.

Real Estate Loans

Village Bank has commercial real estate loans available for owner-occupied (occupied 50% or more by owner) and non-owner occupied commercial and industrial properties.  Competitive rates and fees are available on fixed and variable interest rates.

Construction Loans

A quality construction loan program requires savvy, knowledgeable and experienced lenders, which is just what Village Bank has to offer. Whether you are a General Contractor or an End-buyer, and thinking about building a Model Home or a Pre-Sold house, Village Bank has the construction loan program to make your dream a reality.

Lines of Credit

Lines of credit provide businesses with cash for various short term financing needs, including seasonal working capital needs, financing of accounts receivable, inventory purchases, funds to take advantage of trade discounts, and other short term financing needs.

Term Loans

Term loans provide businesses with cash for longer-term needs, including fixed asset purchases like machinery or equipment and permanent working capital.

SBA Financing Programs

Village Bank offers government-assisted loan programs for small businesses through the Federal Small Business Administration (SBA).  An SBA loan may provide the perfect solution for companies that are relatively new or experiencing rapid growth. Guidelines for establishing the eligibility of small businesses are determined by the type of business, size of the business, and the use of the loan funds.



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Village Bank is a trusted community banking partner for more than 30 years and is dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses!

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