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Community Bank Impact in PPP Lending: A Look at the Numbers

Village Bank and thousands of other community banks around the country have stepped up since April 3 for the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program. Let’s look at the numbers of the Paycheck Protection Program...Read more

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#ItTakesaVillage Podcast: Leading Into a New Normal

In this episode, we talked to Jamie Taets, CEO of Keystone Group International, and an expert on weaving culture and strategy together to lead successful businesses. We discussed how entrepreneurs can lead their businesses into this new normal that we’re still trying to figure out...Listen here 

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Family-Built, Community Strong: John Mickman

For entrepreneurs of small to medium-size businesses, you simply can't have a better partner than Village Bank. They understand what it takes to be successful in the community...Read more

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#ItTakesaVillage Podcast: Understanding Your Cash Flow in a Pandemic

We talked to John Dierkhising, Co-Owner of Bottom Line Accounting in Blaine, MN, about cash flow and how to better understand the sources and uses of your business’s cash during the COVID-19 pandemic...Listen here

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Village Values: Own It

Villagers are personally invested in our community, our customers, and our Village. Villagers care about people, our work, and the outcomes. Villagers are accountable...Read more

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Community Bank Experience, Big Bank Products

Relationships make the difference, but our products and services are competitive with the big players. Our Village gets a community bank experience with big bank products...Read more

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Family-Built, Community Strong: Dana Kinde

It’s never been more important to find comfort and connection in the family-built businesses that make our community strong...Read more


Village Bank CARES About Your Business

As a Preferred SBA Lender Village Bank Will Offer New CARES Act Loans...Read more

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Tips to Avoid COVID-19 Scams and Fraudulent Activity

In addition to physical safety, online security and protection from financial fraud are also important to be aware of as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic as a Village...Read more

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Family-Built, Community Strong: Paul Fournier & Seri Johnson

Community is family and family is community. It feels good to work with people that feel the same way and are there for us every step of the way...Read more

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