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Funding Your Startup: The Original Business Incubators

Today's entrepreneurs have more options than ever to finance their dreams, but COVID put its stamp on the startup funding world just as on every other facet, so where should entrepreneurs turn...Read more

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#ItTakesaVillage Podcast: Know Your Numbers

In this episode, we talked to John Dierkhising, Co-Owner of Bottom Line Accounting, about how your business numbers can tell a story that leads you to make smart business decisions...Listen here

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Steps that Lead to an SBA Loan

You have goals for recovery and growth. Providing guidance and assistance to accomplish those goals is what we're here for, and a partnership with a community banker and the SBA could be your next step...Read more

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Is My Business Healthy?

Here are five ways you can evaluate the health of your business and how it is doing beyond the day-to-day...Read more

Blog TC ID Theft 2020


Village Bank wants to show entrepreneurs in our community that their dreams are still possible. Our Villagers met with 21 of our community’s businesses to understand their needs making their vision a reality...Read more

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