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Our Village family goes beyond just our Villagers. It also includes our customers and clients who trust us to do what is best for them. We’d like to spotlight a special member of our Village during National Disability Employment Awareness Month - Achieve Services in Blaine, MN.

Achieve Services, a private non-profit agency providing day training and habilitation programs to adults with developmental disabilities has been a member of our Village for many years. By focusing on abilities, not disabilities, Achieve strives to increase the independence and quality of life for all individuals in their program.

We asked Jameson, a participant at Achieve since May 2009, to tell us more about the valuable programs that he enjoys at Achieve.

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What’s awesome about Achieve?
“One person doesn’t fit into Achieve Services. Achieve fits around that one person. If it doesn’t work today, we’ll evolve to make it work.”


What do you do at Achieve, Jameson?

“I support the administrative and management team, specifically our HR Director, by helping with payroll and training recordings for staff. I am a Board Member for Achieve Clean, I help make sure our product is in stock at Amazon, and I troubleshoot issues with Achieve Clean. Additionally, I invite people to like our Facebook page and monitor our messages, including job applications.”


Village Bank loves partnering with Achieve. Why should other businesses become partners?

“Partner with us to provide work opportunities for our participants. We will be creative in dividing job duties to get the job done!”







Development Director, Jennifer Dieter, at Achieve says, “We highly value our partnership with Village Bank. The dollars we receive through the 'Get on Board!' bus campaign, Achieve Clean, nut sales, and event sponsorship directly impact our mission of enabling adults with developmental disabilities to lead meaningful and self-determined lives. Just as important, Village Bank's staff and customers are helping raise awareness of people with disabilities and helping ensure they have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else."

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Both Achieve and Village Bank are passionate and engaged members of our communities. Together we can make a larger impact on the community.

Show your support for our Village family by coming into one of Village Bank’s branch locations during October for our “Get on Board” donation campaign or your Achieve Nuts in November – all proceeds go directly to support Achieve’s mission to enable every participant to lead a meaningful and self-determined life!


If you’d like to know more about a partnership with Achieve Services, visit their website at

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