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In this episode of the #ItTakesaVillage podcast, we talked to Liz Giorgi, CEO and Co-Founder of soona studios, about what meaningful content looks like for your business today. Creating content that represents your business and your brand can be challenging, but it will help you build a Village of brand loyalists who stick with you through times of dramatic change and evolution. 

Here are 9 key points to take from this episode:

  1. Never lose the in-person engagement when creating content, even in this digital age
  2. Your brand and image has to be transparent, personal, and consistent
  3. Bring parts of your personality to life online
  4. Your online presence and content you share are just as vital as the in-person experience
  5. 5-15% of revenue should be your marketing and content spend
  6. Create content that maximizes your budget by thinking about what is going to provide clarity to your end customer, what you want the assets to do, and what your desired ROI is
  7. Meaningful content can be as simple as solving a problem
  8. Sharing who you are online is sharing about what it's like to work with you in person
  9. Do less and have it mean more



Get in touch with Liz and soona studios by visiting the WEBSITE.

The #ItTakesaVillage podcast by Village Bank brings leaders with expertise in finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, leadership, and branding into our Village to help entrepreneurs in our community. As an entrepreneur’s bank, we hear all the time that you want to know more about the financial nuances of starting and running a business. These questions are profoundly important and can be incredibly stressful. That's why we're inviting prominent leaders and friends of our Village to weigh in and build a Village of answers and connections on the #ItTakesaVillage podcast.

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