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Leading Into a New Normal

In this episode of the #ItTakesaVillage podcast, we’re talking to Jamie Taets, CEO of Keystone Group International, and an expert on weaving culture and strategy together to lead successful businesses. In our current circumstances under the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve heard the phrase “new normal” all too often, but we want to talk about “Leading into a New Normal” and how entrepreneurs can lead their businesses into this new normal that we’re still trying to figure out.

Here are the questions we covered:

  1. How does your leadership experience allow you to plan for a new normal and what is some of the advice you have for clients?
  2. What questions should we be asking right now to prepare for a new normal?
  3. How does your plan need to evolve with what we know today?
  4. What are you anticipating the new normal to look like?
  5. What will your failures in the old normal teach us about success in the new normal?



Here are 10 key points to take from this episode:

  1. No leader has all the answers so be vulnerable with your employees
  2. Allow your business to think differently about leadership
  3. Balance short-term and long-term planning to keep the light at the end of the tunnel on
  4. Be the organization with your shoes tied and ready to run
  5. How does your plan need to evolve with what we know today?
  6. Don't forget or forgo your solid foundation
  7. Culture is going to drive the new normal of businesses
  8. Culture is a competitive advantage in the new normal
  9. A defined purpose will be critical to your business's strategy and hiring in the new normal
  10. Learn from each other; new perspectives with only make you stronger



Get in touch with Jaime and Keystone Group International by visiting the WEBSITE.

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