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A Prime Example of Community Business

Chris and Heidi Amiot are a true case of "it's all about the community". After their home was damaged by storms, Chris and Heidi decided that they didn't want their community members to experience the hardships they had. No more fighting with insurance companies or struggling to get quotes from local construction businesses while living with a storm damaged home or business.

The Amiots were going to change the process and that is exactly how Advantage Construction was born. Fighting for community members when their homes are damaged, they do everything they can to prevent bumps in the road for their neighbors and customers. 

Humble Beginnings to Something Extraordinary

Advantage Construction, a commercial and residential exterior contractor, started in the Amiot's garage. Chris worked hard with his wife Heidi to scale and grow their business with the aim to better assist their community. They wanted to make sure that community members were taken care of and didn't experience the headache of insurance companies undervaluing their home. Residents deserved for their homes to be fully repaired after a catastrophe like storm damage.

To accomplish this, the couple began working directly with insurance companies to be a buffer and representative for customers when situations got tricky. In the end, they built a business around ensuring that no customer felt overwhelmed and shorted by the insurance process.

Quickly, the community became grateful for Chris and Heidi and their dedication to ensuring the well-being of their peers. Eventually, Advantage Construction grew to an extent that their garage couldn’t handle. They needed a building that could support their business and allow them to better assist their customers. The owners of Advantage Construction began looking for a bank that would partner with them to create something extraordinary and was dedicated to supporting the community that had helped them grow their business. 

The Village Advantage

By chance, Chris met Dana Kinde, SVP of Lending at Village Bank, in 2017 at a business luncheon. They quickly began discussing Chris's dream to build a location for his construction company in East Bethel, MN. The business owner wanted to be close to his neighbors and like-minded individuals. His aim was to be able to assist the entire metro, not just the central Twin Cities.

S21 Advantage Con PicChris felt that Dana understood his dedication and acted as a business partner more so than a banker. Quickly noting that Village Bank had a dedication to supporting the Anoka County community just as much as Advantage Construction, Chris and Heidi took the plunge and entrusted Village Bank to be the business partner they had been looking for. "I sat down with Dana. We were looking for a partner to grow with our business. We knew where we were headed and needed the service to go along with it. Dana was a great business partner and unbelievable asset. Village as a whole helped us move forward and get everything done that we needed to. It's been a very great partnership," gushed Chris Amiot. Advantage Construction could finally build their new location and expand business through a loan with Village Bank. 

Even after the business loan, Village Bank proved to be an indispensable partner Advantage Construction needed for a #STRONG21. While other companies feared the lack of traffic coming into their businesses in 2020, Advantage Construction knew that their partnership with Village Bank would assist them in surviving and thriving for a #STRONG21. 

Last year, Dana contacted the Amiots to ask if they wanted to refinance their business loan for a lower interest rate. This was the good news they needed! No matter what these entrepreneurs needed assistance with, Dana and Village Bank were there to help them find a path forward. 

A Business for Future Generations

Advantage Construction saw familiarity in Village Bank because the Bank is in business to ensure the continuation of success for future generations. Owners, Chris and Heidi, are building a legacy for their children so future generations have a reliable resource for storm damage construction. As a family-owned, community-strong business, Village Bank is helping Advantage Construction prepare for that vision.

As fearless business owners, Chris and Heidi know when they need some help and aren't afraid to ask for it. To ensure their business thrives, the co-owners look to Village Bank for advice when necessary. Village Bank also has many contacts that help Advantage seek out new opportunities.

Set For a #STRONG21

For a successful business, the Amiots believe that you should look to your community banker for sound advice. Village Bank looked out for Advantage Construction and helped the company build on a foundation of success because the survival of local businesses means the survival of the community for future generations. Village Bank is there for Advantage Construction and the community at large, helping everyone have a #STRONG21.

For all your residential and commercial exterior contracting needs, contact Advantage Construction.

Just like Advantage Construction, you deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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