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A Mission to Help Businesses Thrive

Arlyce Cleveland began her certified public accounting and business management firm with the vision to educate and train business owners on how to achieve their financial goals. After noticing that business owners reached obstacles when they failed to plan ahead financially, Arlyce made it her mission to keep entrepreneurs from making this mistake.

As an entrepreneur, she saw the value in partnering with other companies and business owners who had similar missions and could help her clients’ businesses thrive. Through a special relationship with a community bank and a financial consultant, Arlyce Cleveland would discover business relationships that would leave an everlasting imprint on the communities she served helping her clients to have a #STRONG21.

The Village Bank Difference

In 1994, Arlyce Cleveland was searching for the perfect location for her firm, Arlyce Cleveland, Ltd. Having known Don Kveton, CEO of Village Bank, for quite some time, the CPA began renting from him. The new location was in the same building that Village Bank’s Blaine branch operates. The accounting firm owner soon became a Village Bank customer, too, and experienced the exceptional customer service Village Bank has to offer.

“They have done things for my business that I never imagined any bank would do. One of my customers had bounced a check, and Village Bank wanted to make me aware of it because it would make my account negative. I told them I was up North, and there was nothing I could do about it. They said no problem, they’d cover it until I got back. I’ve been sold with them ever since.”


She feels that Village Bank is different from other banks. They aren’t a big box bank. Village Bank puts customers and clients needs ahead and are tremendous at being there for the customer. Arlyce feels that Village Bank is there to hold their customer’s hands and make the impossible possible. After experiencing such phenomenal service at the community bank, Arlyce began referring her own customers to Village Bank so they could have a bank there to help their own companies blossom.

Seeing Eye to Eye

In 2005, Arlyce found another small business owner that would provide value to her customers. Many of her clients needed help when times were tough. Arlyce saw people lose their properties and homes and decided that it was time to provide debt reconciliation services. It was at this time that she met Todd Rooker, Owner of Rooker Financial Consulting. He was as dedicated to providing debt reconciliation services as she was. Together they worked with distressed clients to help them dig their way out and begin dreaming again.

Once clients were in a better standing, the partners referred them to Village Bank where customers could begin building their futures again. Together, Village Bank, Arlyce Cleveland, and Todd Rooker took clients from tears of sadness to tears of joy.

S21 Arlyce PicA Banker a Step Above All Others

Arlyce Cleveland knows that having a trust driven relationship with a community banker is part of the equation for business success. The entrepreneur is thankful that Village Bank brought Kraig Kliber on board and feels that her banker has been amazing. “It has been amazing working with Kraig. He is very much attention to detail. He’s responsive. He takes care of the situation and goes above and beyond what traditional bankers do.” Arlyce is sure that Kraig will take care of all situations that may arise. If he can’t find the answer to your question, he will find someone who has it.

Setting Business Up for a #STRONG21

Arlyce Cleveland, Ltd. has been an asset to entrepreneurs throughout the pandemic and 2021, providing bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial planning, and other financial services for the benefit of local entrepreneurs. Helping business owners through tough times is only the start of the equation for her team. Employees are there to help business owners know their numbers and help implement a tracking system that is a non-negotiable for successful businesses.

Beyond offering services, Arlyce Cleveland is there to be a lending hand. She is there to tell you that it’s going to be better even when business looks grim. At times, she believes that business owners need to focus on the good assets within your business and use the difficult times as a learning experience.

To get off to a better spot, find a CPA, financial consultant, and bank that you trust. From there, things can only look up. Connect with Arlyce Cleveland, Ltd. for all your accounting needs. 

Just like Arlyce Cleveland, Ltd., you deserve a #STRONG21.

We will get you there.


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