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An Empowering Start

Dr. Brian Opp and Dr. Cindy Opp, Owners of Opp Family Chiropractic, started their own chiropractic practice because they wanted to empower patients to take back ownership over their health. The duo discovered that they didn't want to take the traditional chiropractic approach, but instead wanted to focus on providing their patients with an array of services and products to inspire healthy living.

Opp Family Chiropractic had experienced growth from the very beginning of their business journey, but they needed a partner to scale even further. The Opps turned to Village Bank as a community banking partner they trusted to take them to the next level in their business plan.

A Community Based Business

Opp Family Chiropractic was a community-based business from the very beginning. Dedicated to providing their community members with the best chiropractic and health services, they have seen massive support from their neighbors since their start in 2003. Soon their customer base grew beyond the space they began in and additional room was needed to provide more health services. 

While the Opps had a relationship with another bank, they wanted a banking relationship that aligned with their values and goals. After hearing great things about Village Bank, the owners reached out to Village to inquire about how the community bank could help them expand their business.

Expanding for Growth

The Opps toured many locations and even contemplated building their own structure, but eventually the right office presented itself. A larger building with a basement was the perfect location in St. Francis to relocate their business. The chiropractors signed a lease with the knowledge that they would first rent the building, and then purchase the property after roughly three to five years.

To their surprise, they were offered an opportunity to purchase their new facility on their 10-year business anniversary. When the Opps needed her expertise, Dana Kinde, SVP Commercial Banker at Village Bank, proved to be a wealth of information during the buying process. While the SBA purchasing process was quite a rigorous one, Dana was always available for a phone call from the Opps. No question was left unanswered, and their banker was quick with a response. Opp Family Chiropractic's banking partner helped them every step of the way.

"When we first started the business, we banked elsewhere. As we grew in the community, we heard good things about Village Bank and transferred our accounts to them. When we were expanding our practice, we contacted Village Bank right away. Dana Kinde helped us with the SBA loan and brought us through the procedure. She got us excited to expand our business" mentioned Dr. Cindy Opp.

Part of the Village

The Opps feel that having a community bank behind their business is a natural partnership. Opp Family Chiropractic is part of the backbone of their community as members seek out healthy lifestyles and provides patients with the means to take back power of their health.

After noticing Village was just as involved in the community as they were, the Opps felt that Village truly understood their mission and wanted to support their business and their community alike. "With Village Bank, you have a partner in the community that can help bring in business. Village Bank was a natural partner in my mind because they were community based. They made us feel like we had a team behind us" shared Dr. Brian Opp.

Set For a #STRONG21

While chiropractic services are a mainstay for Opp Family Chiropractic, they have grown to offer fitness, acupuncture, and other health services. As they have grown their service offerings, they have discovered that they may need even more room to offer effective solutions to ease and heal client pain. This need has resulted in their plans to expand their practice into their building's basement. Naturally, Village Bank was their first call when this project first became an idea.

Village Bank is excited to be an encouraging partner for a #STRONG21 as they aid Opp Family Chiropractic in again expanding their business.

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