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Reinventing for a #STRONG21

In 2021, many business owners took time to pause and find where their focus needed to be for a #STRONG21. The Metropolitan Clinic of Edina, MN did just that.

Taking care of client's skin care needs has always been The Metropolitan's main focus. Specializing in laser and medical treatment, filler, microneedling, skin care, botox, etc., has allowed The Metropolitan to help their patients connect who they are and how they feel with how they look.

To better assist their current and new patients, The Metropolitan needed to reinvent their business in 2021.

Ready for Growth

Wayne Zink, CEO of The Metropolitan, and Suzanne St. James, Owner and Clinical Director, were ready for their business to get a revamp. After being in business for eleven years, the owners felt that it was time to help The Metropolitan shine. To help their business stand apart from other clinics in the area, they needed an SBA loan to provide funds for rebranding.

After looking for a community bank ready to help them realize their vision and build something special, Wayne and Suzanne contacted Village Bank. Their bankers paid attention to The Metropolitan's goals and helped them to locate the right documents to provide the SBA with a compelling story. Ultimately, with the help of Village Bank, The Metropolitan received their SBA loan. From a new brand and website, they were able to reach their ideal clients interested in increasing their quality of life.

“Thankfully Village Bank was there to help us with an SBA loan. They helped us reinvent and rebrand ourselves to help us be more successful this year” mentioned Suzanne.

Wayne believes that Village Bank was an important piece of the puzzle for obtaining an SBA loan to expand and reinvent The Metropolitan. “Village Bank was essential for getting the SBA loan. The SBA provided incentives, rules and regulations to follow in order to obtain the loan, and Village Bank helped us provide the right documents to the SBA so they thought it was a great loan to make” explained Wayne.

Set for a #STRONG21

The Metropolitan is thankful they found a bank that could help them achieve all of the items on their 2021 business plan. Suzanne and Wayne feel that they have found the right partners and bankers to help them enact all of their visions.

As The Metropolitan has grown, the owners have realized that they would like to grow to seven injectors. When the time comes to expand, The Metropolitan will look to Village Bank for help buying their location. Just as The Metropolitan works with their patients to achieve their goals, so does Village Bank. Connect with Suzanne and Wayne for all your cosmetology and skin care needs.

Just like The Metropolitan Clinic of Edina, MN, you deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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