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By Brett & Colette, Home Financing Experts

Village Bank is Family-Built, Community Strong! What does that mean to our Villagers? We asked our home financing experts, Brett and Colette.



What does FAMILY-BUILT mean to you?

Colette: Family-Built to me means that you’re building a foundation with the people closest to you, and you’re building something special from the ground up. Your family, or your Village, is there for you through thick and thin.

Brett: In my role as a Mortgage Officer, it means that doing a mortgage is more than an assembly line, and I have more responsibilities than a quota to meet. In our Village, we look at where we want to be together and how we can be better for our customers, and then, with those goals in mind, we make them happen together.

What does COMMUNITY STRONG mean to you?

Colette: It means helping people right here in our own community—helping them purchase homes, helping them build and add on to their homes, helping them be successful, and helping them achieve their dreams. I love working in my community because I really see and feel the impact of helping my neighbors and community members.

Brett: Community Strong means I’m always thinking about the direct person or business that I’m working with and how I can impact their life. Having that community mindset means I’m doing what I can to make my clients happy and make an impact on them in a way that they want to tell their friends, neighbors, and family about their positive experience.

What do you value about working for a COMMUNITY BANK?

Colette: Community bankers, especially at Village Bank, are just down-to-earth people. I value working in an environment that I feel comfortable surrounded by great people. Our Village really makes you want to make a difference and have an impact on our community.

Brett: The team atmosphere at Village Bank is the reason I joined the Village and the reason I enjoy working here. I don’t like being a number and I really value relationships, so working for a community bank that puts relationships first is great for me. Building those valued relationships is important, not only with customers but also internally with Villagers.


More about FAMILY-BUILT, COMMUNITY STRONG here: www.vb-fbcs.com.

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