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By Aleesha Webb, President and Vice Chairwoman at Village Bank

Twenty-six years ago, my father founded Village Bank, but I think he’ll agree that he didn’t build it alone.

The 80-plus families who work at our Village helped build it. 

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The hundreds of businesses who have entrusted us with their life’s work built it.

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The homeowners who have turned to us to secure the American dream built it.

And the customers and families who have put their faith in our ability to protect and grow their retirement, college funds and savings built it.

The term “family-built” extends far beyond our family. It refers to all of the families that touch Village Bank and have helped us succeed. Everyone in our village has played a part in building Village Bank and our communities. That’s why it is so important to us to help you thrive. Because you are our bank. You are our village. You are the family in “family-built.”

More about FAMILY-BUILT, COMMUNITY STRONG here: www.vb-fbcs.com 

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