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You could say that Larissa Brandl, a relationship banker at Village Bank’s Saint Francis office, is a bit “green.” Not in terms of experience, mind you; Larissa has always had an affinity for personal finance and she’s worked in banking for more than five years. No, we mean “green” as the color that best encapsulates her personality as revealed through Insights Discovery, a Jungian psychometric tool that helps Village Bank employees understand their strengths and what values they bring to the team and to customers.

Through her Insights testing, Larissa saw descriptors that fit her community banking approach perfectly: Larissa is caring, encouraging, sharing, patient and relaxed. “It’s uncanny how accurate that test was,” she laughed. Larissa also has a bit of “blue” sprinkled into her profile, meaning she’s detail oriented and precise. What a great mix!

Larissa came to Village Bank early in 2021 because she was interested in working for a community bank where she could connect with and get to know her customers on a deeper level. Those customers can frequently be found at Larissa’s desk, getting advice on how to earn the best deposit rates, how to access a line of credit, or even how to navigate online banking. She’s even been known to help customers balance their checkbook.

“I love building relationships and being able to connect with people on a more personal level,” she said. “We have a number of senior citizen customers in Saint Francis and they appreciate the time I take to help them. I’ve had people say they’re ‘so relieved’ that I could help them.”

As a relationship banker, Larissa understands the entirety of Village Bank’s product and service catalog. When a customer has questions about a personal loan or a mortgage loan, Larissa makes the internal connection. “I take their information, get as many details as possible, then let the customer know who at the bank will be reaching out for help,” she said. “I have learned over the years that listening and being empathetic to their situation, question or problem goes a long way.”

“Management appreciates the fact that we take the time we need to help our customers, whether it takes five minutes or an hour,” Larissa said. “That's what I love about working at Village Bank.”

At Village Bank, “green” isn’t just the color of money. It’s the color that best represents our concern for our customers — and Larissa embodies that caring approach with every interaction.




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