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An Unexpected Year

Last year, after COVID-19 hit, the housing market quickly went from strong to uncertain. No one was sure whether the housing market was going to take the turn of the 2008 Housing Crisis or if it would survive the pandemic. A. Johnson Plumbing, a residential and remodel plumbing company, was watching the market just like everyone else. With uncertainty and worry.

Like many businesses, A. Johnson Plumbing had a strong start to 2020 until stay at home orders went into effect. They experienced a slowdown and uncertainty about the future. Partners, Mark Lundquist and Aaron Johnson, doubled down on relationships and focused on existing work. They didn’t know what to expect, but they were determined that they could make it through.

A Little Help From a Friend

Jeff Rosseau, A. Johnson Plumbing’s commercial banker, reached out to them right away to see what they needed. He shared about the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and offered help with applying.

Jeff guided them through the process, and Aaron and Mark were relieved that the application process was smooth and that their banker was ready to help right when they needed a guiding hand most. Having a PPP loan during the uncertain time allowed them to look towards the future.

Ready for Growth

Good thing they were prepared and looking towards the future. What wasn’t expected was for the housing market to rebound so quickly. After a short pause, business picked up swiftly and seems to be sustaining in 2021.

With so much housing demand, they are looking at expanding their plumbing business to keep up with remodel requests and new home builds. As they consider their options, they appreciate having a trusted partner they can turn to for additional perspective.

S21 Aaron-Mark Pic“We have built a personal relationship with them [Village Bank]…It makes it a little easier to come in and present that idea. ‘Hey we are going to do this. These are the numbers. Would you look it over for us?’ And to have someone take a second look and tell us their true thoughts and feelings on it because if it’s a risk for them it’s clearly a risk for us, as well. And that support on that side of that business is really appreciated,” explains Mark Lundquist, Vice President of A. Johnson Plumbing. Village Bank acts like a true partner, asking questions, helping find solutions.

“They never judge you. It feels like you’re talking to a friend,” added Aaron Johnson, President of A. Johnson Plumbing. 

Long-term Banking Relationship

The relationship with Village Bank dates all the way back to Aaron opening his first checking account at the St. Francis branch. Aaron grew his relationship with Village Bank a few years later when he took out his first loan to launch A. Johnson Plumbing with his business partner Mark. As they have expanded their business adding other business entities, their financial needs have evolved.

“We met with Jeff years back. We were looking at purchasing a new property, and in the past, we worked with some other banks. We didn’t like the support and help we got from the big corporate banks. With Village Bank the relationship was much more personal and easier to talk about and put everything in layman’s terms so we could understand just how the moneys worked,” Mark shared.

Part of the Village

The long-term relationship with an entrepreneur’s bank has helped them move quickly on opportunities. Jeff and the Village Bank team know them, know what they are capable of, and understand their model. Aaron and Mark are entrepreneurs, and they are more than numbers or customers to Village Bank. They are part of the Village.

Set For a #STRONG21

Aaron and Mark are happy that their banker and Village Bank as a whole are personable and easy to talk to. It makes banking much easier to understand and enjoyable even. Village Bank truly puts relationships first.

Having a solid banking relationship, a proactive banker like Jeff has helped set A. Johnson Plumbing up for what is expected to be their best year, yet. The need for houses is skyrocketing, and A. Johnson Plumbing is ready to help with any and all plumbing needs.

In fact, the company is in the process of buying more vehicles and hiring more workers. Business is booming, and A. Johnson weathered the storm and is on pace for a record 2021 with a little help from Village Bank. They are thankful to be part of the Village and aligned with a bank that is always ready to help them build something special. Connect with Aaron and Mark for all your residential and remodel plumbing needs.

Just like A. Johnson Plumbing, you deserve a #STRONG21. We’ll get you there.


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