Why We LOVE 

Treasury Management

(& You Should Too)

When it comes to your business finances, there is a lot to consider beyond taking out a loan or opening a checking account. Often times business owners don’t realize the opportunities they are missing out on to efficiently manage their finances. That’s where we come in.

At Village Bank we LOVE Treasury Management and we know that you will too!

Treasury Management offers a wide range of services made to help control and organize your business finances in a more streamlined way. Don’t have time to come to the bank? That’s okay, Remote Deposit can save you the trip. Does your business accept card payments? If so, Co-Card could possibly cut costs on your monthly fees. Writing a large volume of checks each month? Have peace of mind and protect your business with Positive Pay. No matter the type, size, or experience of the business, there is a Treasury Management service for you.

Here’s some of our customer favorites:

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Scan and transmit checks electronically into your bank account without coming to the bank.

1. Never leave your chair to make a deposit.
2. Next day availability of funds.
3. Make deposits at your leisure.

“I love that I can make a deposit right from my office and not have to drive to the bank on a cold, snowy day.”

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If you're currently accepting credit cards consider letting us give you a free analysis and see if we can save you money.

1. Competitive Pricing- On average a savings of 30% compared to our competitors.
2. Local Service.
3. Competitive with Square and other mobile readers.

“A few years ago, our business made the switch and it saved us $1,000 a month in fees.”

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This service is designed to empower account holders with the ability to prevent financial loss to check fraud and unauthorized ACH transactions.

1. Fraud protection on your checking account.
2. Verifies your information on checks and outgoing ACH debits before payment is made on the check or ACH.
3. Stops fraud at the teller line.

“The best bank product you can add to your account. Has prevented fraud on my account a few times now.”

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Providing flexible options for handling recurring payments, direct deposit for payroll, and you can collect bills without printing and sending invoices via “snail” mail.

1. Send payments over night.
2. Convenience of setting up reoccurring billing.
3. Improved cash flow.

“I love the ability to be able to set up reoccurring payments to my vendors-I just put in the date an amount I want it sent and forget about it.”

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Download all of your banking transactions right to QuickBooks with one easy connection.

Additional costs are associated with these products, please connect with our Treasury Management experts for more details.

With 50 years of combined experience, you can count on our Treasury Management experts, Sheryl and Liz, to find the right solutions for your unique business needs. They enjoy making connections and getting to know the entrepreneur and their business to discover and address any potential gaps in their banking services. Sheryl and Liz take great pride in supporting the community and helping business owners thrive.

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7125 Riverdale Dr. (HWY 10) | Ramsey, MN 55303
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lpomplun@villagebankonline.com | 763-398-3576
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